120 Solano Street, Brisbane CA

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Welcome to 120 Solano Street Brisbane

Offered at $875,000


Open the front door to this welcoming living space with a designer gas stove burning merrily at one end. Skylights in kitchen, bathroom and living room fill the house with light. Take in the view from the beautiful bay window looking east over SF bay. 3BR/1BA + 2 car garage. Hardwood floors throughout home and tile in large well equip modern kitchen with soapstone counters. It’s got the farm house vibe, but this is a modern kitchen with all the amenities. Gas range with hood, built-in microwave, dishwasher and center island. French doors lead out to sunny enclosed back yard with lawn and garden area. Plenty of outdoor space and large patio for outdoor entertaining and dining. Call Ron Davis at 415-805-9028 to view!

Open Thursday 1/19 “Twilight Tour” 5-7
Friday 1/20 by appointment
Saturday 1/21 12-4
Sunday 1/22 12-4
Monday 1/23 by appointment
Tuesday 1/24 10-2




How to sell your home

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This book helps sellers understand what it takes to get your home sold in this competitive marketplace. If you would like a copy Click HERE and fill out the form and I will send you a book absolutely free! I have sold over 500 homes since 1987 from San Francisco to Palo Alto. I’ve put this book together to help sellers understand not only what it takes to sell a home but what to expect from their real estate agent or broker. It’s approximately 80 pages and easy to read and understand. The majority of my sales are in Brisbane California. Below is a little description of Brisbane.


The City of Stars– the name says it all.  There is no better way to describe Brisbane, California than by its own depiction.  During the late fall and winter nights as the sun sets on the Pacific, residents of Brisbane unite as hundreds of decorative stars illuminate the hillside homes of this small, but spirited town.  The lighting of the stars is a deeply rooted tradition that dates back to Brisbane holiday celebrations over 65 years ago.  Now an annual spectacle, the stars not only represent the ephemeral sense of community, tradition, and pride amongst Brisbane residents, but illustrate the character and foundation of Brisbane itself.

Brisbane is a small and charming town of around 4,000 residents that is nestled in a quiet hillside of San Bruno Mountain.  It lies adjacent to the San Francisco Bay and is only minutes away from both the borders of San Francisco and South San Francisco.  It has a total area of 20.5 square miles, with 17 square miles of it being water.  The town enjoys generally sunny weather, as its location on San Bruno Mountain lies just under the areas fog belt.

The sense of community in Brisbane is notably one of its greatest assets.  Life in a small and tight knit town allows citizens to enjoy a quality and pace of life incomparable to those in most big cities.  The people of Brisbane are welcoming and involved, as well as committed to working for the benefit of all.  The town enjoys an annual Marina Festival, Concerts in the Park, community volunteer gatherings, and much more.  There are also many recreation centers in town, including a teen center, a public swimming pool, a performance center, and a community park.  Meanwhile, Brisbane enjoys a variety of local restaurants, services, and small shops that line the city’s shopping center and its main street.  The city also has its own unified public school district, which includes a local elementary school and middle school.  With its many community and family-structured offerings, Brisbane is a warm, friendly, and safe environment for children to grow up in, adults to come home to, and retirees to enjoy.

The prime location of Brisbane truly offers the best of both worlds.  It is a unique and hidden treasure amongst the metropolitan Bay Area, in that if offers the quality and privacy of small town living paired with the convenience of being located next to many bustling large cities.  Brisbane even offers free transportation, with a shuttle that takes citizens to both Caltrain and BART stations.  At the same time, San Francisco, its neighboring cities, and highway 101 are only a short distance away, providing easy access to entertainment, transportation, jobs, resources, and much more for Brisbane residents.  In contrast, aside from the towns big city accessibility, Brisbane is also conveniently situated on San Bruno Mountain.  With a state park, literally, as the towns very own backyard, residents can benefit from the natural setting and wildlife found on the mountain, public marina alongside hiking trails, public pool and a dog park.

The Housing Market

Whether you are buying or selling real estate, it is important to know the state of the housing market. This way, each side knows where the advantages lie. For sellers, the market is at its best when there are fewer homes up for grabs. Less competition makes for an easier time getting your property viewed by the right individuals. On the flip-side, buyers will find top deals when there is a saturation of listings. When sellers are competing for your business, you end up the winner!

The housing market can give us a list of relevant information, such as: the number of homes for sale, the average selling price for real estate in the area, and the amount of homes sold during a specific period of time. With this data, both buyers and sellers can formulate a strategy on when to make a move. Perhaps more homes are sold during the summer. Maybe the average cost is lowest at the beginning of the year. Whatever the housing market shows, it is important to take the information into consideration.

Real Estate

Real estate is one purchase that buyers will never regret. The investment always pays off, whether you use or sell it. While you can be sure that land will always be in demand, it will not always be available. That is why we suggest that real estate investors purchase now instead of later. If the supply and demand model of economics teaches us anything it’s that prices rise when supply goes down.

When purchasing real estate, it is important to assess your needs. For example: those that have the intentions of constructing a commercial building will want to select an area that is visible to their target audience. Success begins with the right location, so choose wisely. After all, you wouldn’t want to put luxury condominiums in a rural town.

Those that are in the market for real estate will want a real estate agent by their side. The agent is familiar with every aspect of the area. From the neighborhood’s demographics to its history, there are important factors to take into consideration when selecting real estate. Starting off on the right foot begins with going to those with the experience.

Buying a Home

Buying a home is both an exciting and scary venture. With the status of homeowner comes the costs of maintaining the property you are now tied to. If you are going to take on a lot of added responsibility it is your right to be selective when choosing a home. While your search may start out with enthusiasm, it can quickly grow tiresome as their are so many listings to browse.

Our question would be: why do all of the work when there is someone willing to help? The process goes a lot smoother with more that one set of eyes scouring the housing market for your perfect property. This is where our team truly shines, as we make it our duty to get our clients the keys to their ideal abode! Simply tell us what you are looking for and our superior team of agents will go to work searching through our database of available homes. From there, we will give you a list of residences that most accurately match your requirements. With a list that is narrowed down to a handful of properties, your decision will be much more manageable.

Selling a Home

Selling a home can be a difficult task for even the most seasoned of sellers. There is so much that goes into the process of placing a property on the housing market. First, the owner needs to get the home in condition to present it to potential buyers. From there, taking proper pictures that display your residence in its best light is a must. These are the images that are going to grab the attention of those that are searching through the housing market. Unfortunately, even the best pictures don’t ensure that your property will be seen. After all, you are competing with your neighbors for the attention of a select few.

As with any competition, it is important to find an edge. This is where an experienced realtor can be your ace in the hole. With an extensive list of interested buyers, as well as the knowhow to market your listing to a greater audience, real estate agents make it their mission to get the most money for your property. When you have a team of skilled agents on your side, the competition gets left in the dust!